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Having an idea, dream or a passion is a great start …. if you want to make it a reality, then you need help.

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We issue refunds on a case by case basis and by default we do not issue refunds, for this particular product.
We do aim to be fair in our judgement regarding this though.

The reason why we don’t do refunds, has to do with the nature of this product.
Whereas with a physical product you can quantify what has been sent out and what has been returned.
With the product offered in this instance, this is unfortunately not the case and knowledge gained cannot be returned, let alone quantified.

The only alternative to a policy such as this, would be to add very complicated fine print, or incorporate a delay into the course-ware itself ( dripped content).
However we decided against this, for the simple reason that we don’t want to punish the majority for an incidental occurrence.