UPDATE 24/05/2020

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    When you sign up, you’ll have access to our Profitshare until we’ve doubled your money  …PLUS the 3 Years (so if we double your money in 1 or 2 year, you still get profitshare until the period expires)

What is it?

Once you’ve signed up and payment has gone through, you will get 10% of our profit, paid out on a monthly basis for the next 3 years.
And with profit we mean revenue minus affiliate pay outs and refunds, other costs which are involved while running a business are excluded from the costs ( like marketing and personnel)

To be clear you get a share in the profits, there is no (partly) transfer of ownership of the company

With our lowest projections we have made a very conservative estimate that we will generate $40K- $60K in profit for you over the next 3 years, but in reality we are growing with triple numbers year on year… so we think it is going to be better than our conservative estimate.
Especially because, unlike any other investment you’ll likely can make, we have a vested interest to having this work out for us as well.

Now regardless of what we are saying, it is a risk nonetheless … any business and any investment is.
However unlike any other business or investment we will guarantee within reason that you’ll get back at least $10K of your initial investment.
Which means that *unless we go out of business, or an “act of god” occurs, we will prolong the profitshare period until the amount of $10K has been returned to you … due to the corona pandemic we are also contemplating of prolonging the profitshare with another year, but that depends on how fast the economy in general recovers … our intent however is to make sure you will make money

So it is a solid investment opportunity that can go into the stratosphere and to be frank more social than a regular investment opportunity