UPDATE 12/02/2020

  • Only 1 Spot Left
  • Get Back 20% on Your Investment Early March (10% with coupon)
  • Use Coupon Code : HALFOFF-PROFITSHARE to get a 50% discount … which also means you’ll get 5% of the profit each month (instead of 10%)
  • Registration will close soon, so really don’t miss out on this!

What is it?

Once you have signed up, you will become a share holder of OALEADS for 10% of all our revenue for the next 3 years.
And that pay out will be on a Monthly basis, so if you sign up in January you’ll share in the profits from that month and miss out on the income from December.
We will send you an overview of sales every month, pulled directly from the system, after which we pay you

Now to be clear you don’t have any voting rights or ownership of OALEADS, you simply share in the profits… and I don’t mean profits after expenses, because save for refunds/affiliate pay outs you’ll get a percentage straight from the earnings ( i.e. costs for running business like VA’s are not being factored in).

Also be aware that  no refunds will be made under any circumstance, you simply have to trust that we will do our best for the next 3 years … and as we have no interest in making less money or become less successful over time, I think you really are safe when it comes to our plans for the future and your share in it … but there is always risk involved so don’t spend money you don’t have or cannot miss.

Another point I need to make, is that if you happen to be an affiliate of ours, that upon completing the sign up, this account will be cancelled, but all in all I think that is a fair trade off.

Now for the fun part:

Based on earnings over the past couple of years and growth figures , with a downwards adjusted projection (we haven’t included the new courses that are in development for instance) it is our estimate that you stand to make $38025 in 3 years.
I want to re-iterate that this is a projection, so you cannot derive any rights from it  … what I can promise you is that you will get your original investment back*, so that in the VERY unlikely event profits won’t match your initial investment I will give you a share of the profits until we match the initial investment.

*The only caveat being unforeseen events like bankruptcy and other events outside of our control forcing us out of business

So whichever way you look at it … it is an amazing opportunity to make some passive income to stabilize or augment the income you get from selling on Amazon .. or even your wage.

The only downside is that we only allow up to 3 people to join