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True Passive Income for Anyone

Upon completing registration this product grants access to the following:

  • One Spot Available
  • 2% share in the profits for the next 3 years (paid out on a monthly basis)
    This profit is minus refunds and affiliate pay outs, but other operational costs are not withdrawn from said profit
  • ProfitShare period officially starts at 1st of January 2021, meaning that from now until the end of the year (2020) you get to share for FREE
    Profits will still count to you breaking even ( see Limited Risk) money wise, but time wise it will start in January 2021
  • Limited risk: Although there is no investment that is without risk , we will guarantee that you will at least get your initial investment back, providing OALEADS is still in business and “acts of God” are excluded from this guarantee as well , by extending the profitshare period until the original investment amount is met.
  • 1 Year Access To Leads
  • No refunds will be made under any circumstance
  • No Ownership Rights

This is a great way to augment your income … only available to up to 5 people (registration closes automatically)