True Passive Income for Anyone

Upon completing registration this product grants access to the following:

  • One Spot Available
  • 1% share in the profits for the next 3 years (paid out on a monthly basis)
    This profit is minus refunds and affiliate pay outs, but other operational costs are not withdrawn from said profit
  • ProfitShare period officially starts at 1st of January 2021, meaning that from now until the end of the year (2020) you get to share for FREE*
    Profits will still count to you breaking even ( see Limited Risk) money wise, but time wise it will start in January 2021
  • Limited risk: Although there is no investment that is without risk , we will guarantee that you will at least get your initial investment back, providing OALEADS is still in business and “acts of God” are excluded from this guarantee as well , by extending the profitshare period until the original investment amount is met.
  • No refunds will be made under any circumstance
  • No Ownership Rights

This is a great way to augment your income