What is it?

If you sign up for any of the below plans you’ll get to share in our Monthly profits ( minus  affiliate pay outs and refunds) for the next 3 years.

Every month we share with you the results and transfer the funds via Paypal

We also allow you to share in our profits until your original investment has been returned, which means you won’t be losing any of your money.



This means that when you sign up today you get to share in the profits for “FREE” until then!

What To Expect?

So  as a rule of thumb we double our revenue each year, the first year it went from 0-$25K and  the 2nd year we went up to about $51K.

This year Covid-19 hit and although we haven’t grown according to our “doubling standard”, we did maintain our numbers and depending on how things develop we will make anywhere between $45-60K this year … and before you say or think that “E-Commerce is supposed to be booming”, please do not kid yourself .

Everyone took a hit , except Amazon themselves and perhaps a small single digit percentage of people who were just lucky.

We could have omitted this caveat, but we are honest about what we do … besides we have enough to be positive about, as we are working on new training content among other things!

Also perhaps more important than growth and expected returns on your investment, is that we actually care that you make money from this, which is why we have moved forward the profitshare start date for everyone to January 1st 2021.

On top of that you have the possibility to share in our profits forever, once you’ve signed up  and be part of our team .
So this opportunity is more than just about money.

What Do We Do?

We Offer Leads Services (Arbitrage), Training and Coaching for Amazon Sellers.

Not Based on Hype , but on realistic methods and advice.
In the short term we will be releasing a Private Label Course on top of what we’re offering right now

The Profit-Share is meant to get people on board and share in our profits and perhaps even join us in time.


Who is it for? 

First thing you need to realize, is that although we’ve done our best to minimize risk … by for instance allowing you to share in our profits until you’ve made back your initial investment … this is not without risk.

So this is only for you, if you can stand to lose the money.
Do not put your lifesavings or the college fund for your kids into this.

Just like any business there are  risks involved, plain and simple.


So this truly is a great way for you to get in on a ground level …. can it go wrong?
Yes it can, but chances are slim that you will actually lose your money and the  most likely worse case is that you get your money back … the best case that you will make a lot of money and are  financially free  3 years from now.

So take a chance and let us grow together! 


1% ProfitShare

Price: $1350
No Additional Perks

2% ProfitShare

Price: $2650
1 Year Access To Leads

5% ProfitShare

Price: $6000
Life Time Access To Leads

10% ProfitShare

Price: $12000
Life Time Access To Everything

You can also pay in installments (monthly)…

Just a few things to note though:
First thing is that if you cannot complete payments , we will allow you to share for whatever fraction you have paid for , but we’ll  remove the safeguard that you get to share until you get your money back.

Also the price is a bit higher , this has nothing to do with us being greedy, but  with the fact that payment processing companies charge a fee ( which is equal to the increase)

1% ProfitShare

Price: $700
Payment Terms : 2
No Additional Perks

2% ProfitShare

Price: $1350
Payment Terms : 2
1 Year Access To Leads

5% ProfitShare

Price: $2080
Payment Terms : 3 Life Time Access To Leads

10% ProfitShare

Price: $3097
Payment Terms: 4
Life Time Access To Everything