Selling on Amazon is very easy … Selling on Amazon and make a profit however,¬† is not.
And that is where we come in.

We have removed all the hype and sensation and offer you a no nonsense, highly practical training course, designed to truly help you succeed:

We Keep It Real

Honest ... No Hype

No get rich quick nonsense … Selling on Amazon is not Easy¬†

Battle Tested

Real and cost-effective methods that work!

More Than a Course

A course is not enough to make it, so we include Support and Leads

Watch Our Video For More Info:

In a nutshell we offer you 3 main things on top of the course … greatly increasing your chances of success.

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We update our course over time and add new content.
Which you will get for free once it arrives.
One time payment = Lifetime access
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To help you get started we offer you the possibility to get our leads for FREE for 1 month.
A service valued at $99/ per month.
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When you sign up for our course, you’ll also receive 3 months FREE E-mail Support.
This Will Help You Get Started on your Amazon Journey

We can help you build your online business and give you the knowledge, leads and support you need, in order to make it on the Amazon Marketplace



And Learn how To Sell On Amazon

FBA Course $597
Amazon FBA Training
1 Month Access to Leads
3 months 1 on 1 Support
FREE Content Updates
Onetime Payment = Lifetime Access
Get STarted Today

Now some have you believe that selling on Amazon is as easy as riding a bike, but even something like that, which you may even take for granted, was something you needed to learn at some point.

In fact many if not all of your current skills have been taught to you, so why people think that starting an online business on the Amazon platform is somehow an exception to the rule, is beyond me.

And make no mistake, you really need to approach this as a business and jumping in without understanding the game is almost a guarantee that you will lose your money.

We can help you build your online business and give you the knowledge, leads and support you need, in order to make it on the Amazon Marketplace

Also read what our customers have to say

  • Awesome

    I purchased a course before and didn’t like it very much, so I was hesitant at first, but this course is just very good.
    Especially because they always respond in person and to the point when I have a question!

  • Good help

    I had a suspension and they helped with writing good letter for me.
    So i buy course to learn myself and that is good too

    Luis M.
  • No Brainer

    I was interested in the course because I felt I was missing something and my suspicions were confirmed.

    Also the free leads helped tremendously to help me get started anew

    Fred D.
  • Very helpful

    I was already experienced with Amazon, but had a few nagging questions.
    And even though OALEADS could’ve said “go buy the course to find out”.

    They actually just gave an honest answer.
    It was really refreshing to experience this, so I purchased the course in case I have some more questions and because I want to support businesses like this.

    Richie S.
  • No Software

    After several weeks of waiting until release, it was finally there.

    Great in depth knowledge.
    I especially like that you don’t have to buy into (expensive) software programs in order to do this course.

    James F.
  • To the point

    Having followed multiple courses on several platforms, I was afraid that this would be 400 videos talking about some theory behind the madness.

    I was happily surprised.

    Very much to the point and informative till the end, can’t wait for those additional modules

    Anthony L.
  • Finally someone explains

    I viewed more videos on YouTube than I care to remember, have tried some free courses (technically not free, because they want me to buy software).

    But nothing explained to me how to find products.
    OALeads show exactly how to find them and what to look out for.

    I can highly recommend them

    Remy G.

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