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More Than Amazon

Building a Private Label /E-Commerce business … or business in general, is not a matter of following some formula , or 10 step program.

And it is definitely more than just Amazon.

If you want to be successful in E-Commerce then you need to create a website, get traffic, find the right audience,set up marketing properly, make sure your research data with regards to the market and product is solid .

Remember … You Are Building a Brand, not just selling a product !

Why No Course?

There are many courses out there … some good, some bad and anything in between.

What they all have in common is that none of them will ever make you rich and perhaps more important , they are not enough.

Most of them barely cover the creation of a listing and just teach you how to press a few buttons within some software package.

They don’t really teach you market research, marketing and relative risk free launch methods

Listen To Those Who’ve Gone Before You:

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“He Shows What Amazon FBA is”


“Really Covers Everything You Need To Know”


The Brandbuilder program is for those who are serious about starting their own brand and want to grow beyond Amazon

With this service we help you build an E-Commerce business from scratch and do all the heavy lifting for you.

What do we mean by that? … Have a look!


Through various research methods we determine if your brand is going to be viable


When the going gets tough, the tough get going, … and with our help of course !!!


From SEO to SEA, to Facebook, To Google, we got you covered and will set  up your marketing strategy


We Determine the best strategy to get your product to the intended market niche


An image, or video for that matter, says more than a thousand words … we create compelling imagery for you!


Having your own website is the beginning of independence … and we build one for you!

Before You Sign Up

Things You Should Know

It is important to us that you understand  what you get into, before you enroll.
What we offer is a reasonable alternative to so called “Amazon Done For You” , or “Amazon Automation” services.

Which means we charge a flat fee to get you up and running with your business and take no percentage of your earnings, or any other mechanism that keeps you dependent on us.

Our goal is to get you up and running so that you can take charge yourself!

Important to note is that you pay us for our time and effort, so you still would need to purchase inventory and any other products or services that you would likely need to get your business of the ground.




We Invest our time and considerable expertise to build your business


We keep working with and for you until you get up and running, providing you do the same.


We Apply Real World Techniques and Tactics … No Get Rich Quick Nonsense


Unlike any other service, we charge a flat fee … removing the incentive on our end to keep you in the dark as to how to do it yourself … giving you full control of your future!

Once You Signed Up

Once you’ve signed up we’ll schedule an online call (Skype or any other platform) and discuss the plans and ideas you have for your brand /business.
And we’ll discuss the next steps based on this call.

Keep in mind that the actual work will begin a month (minimum 14 days) after you’ve signed up.
This is because we need to schedule and plan our efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Pay Peanuts. Get Monkeys.

We won’t deny it is a hefty sum.
Just keep in mind that we do not charge you anything beyond this.

Which is unique to this type of service, others charge you recurring fees.
This means it is in their best interest, to keep you dependent.

Because we charge a flat fee, the opposite is true for us.

Best Value
Single Payment $8697

No recurring fees

Will Your Rags to Riches story Start Today?
Get Expert Help, Maximising your chances of Success
Your Business Stays Yours
All For A Flat Fee … no Recurring payments or percentages of your revenue
Build Your Brand
3 Payment Terms $3297

per month

Will Your Rags to Riches story Start Today?
Get Expert Help, Maximising your chances of Success
Your Business Stays Yours
All For A Flat Fee … no Recurring payments or percentages of your revenue
Start Today

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